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Wing Foiling | Wing Foiling: What Every Surfing Enthusiast Needs to Know

If you love surfing, then you've heard of wing foiling before. It's a new spin on classic surfing that any surfing enthusiast can appreciate and will bring lots of challenge and enjoyment to your time on the waves or still waters. 

At Assault Boardriding Centre, you'll find all the sports equipment and education you need. From classic surfing to wing foiling to kiteboarding, we've got the classes and activities related to surfing you love. 

Want to build confidence in lake waters? Consider taking one of our classes designed to teach you about wing foiling for beginners or the more skilled surfer. Or check out our wing foiling gear online to see what we have available to help you create your next adventure. Learn about wind foiling and find out just why it's so popular. 

Not sure you're ready to buy or unsure what you need for your surfing gear? We offer rentals; ask about our wing and foil rental services as well as classes for our customers. 

Why choose wing foiling? 

For starters, you don't need big waves to have a great time on the water; wing foiling is designed to give you control even on still waters so you can enjoy surfing the lake or sightseeing. 

Still, craving the waves? Wing foiling is designed for all kinds of water, so take advantage of minor to large waves as you dare. Our classes will teach you how wing foiling works and give you confidence in buying foil wind wings and other supplies to make your outdoor water adventures fun and memorable. 

Perhaps the best benefit to wing foiling is this: you don't need a lot of equipment and the gear you do need is lightweight and easy to transport. Go from one beach to the next with ease, regardless of weather and water conditions. 

Foiling can be applied to other water and surfing equipment, including stand-up paddle boards. Our staff are happy to assist you with your wing foil needs. Renting wing foil equipment and accessories is recommended if you are new to the sport. By trying them out first, you'll learn where you excel on the water.

What about tow-foiling?

If you are new to surfing or wing foiling and prefer the quieter, still waters of lakes and slow currents, then tow foiling may be your speed. A foiler is brought in by a boat and then kept in motion via a constant pumping manoeuvre. If you want to know more, visit our website to sign up for some of our classes. Explore our selection of tow/wake foils online.

What about e-foils?

Imagine being able to hover nearly above the water as if in flight — this can be your reality when you choose e-foils. With the combination of a motor and a hydrofoil, you can glide just above the water and feel like you're traditionally surfing, but with even more style.

Add an e-foil attachment to your traditional foil board for a bit of fun and daring; speak to our team of specialists to see how we can take your classic foil board to a new level. 

Remember: before taking any e-foils out on the water, make sure you're trained and skilled in the equipment and never go on the water alone. Consider booking our foil school before advancing to higher technology equipment out on the water. 

Jetboard or e-foil: which one is best for you? 

In the end, it all comes down to what kind of water ride you want to have. A jetboard may be faster, but it won't last as long on the water as an e-foil does and you may not have as much control over your experience. 

If speed is your thing, then consider a jetboard, but not until you have explored your e-foil options. You'll find that your smoother ride and longer water times far outweigh the slight speed advantage jetboards have. Still not convinced which water unit is best for you? Let our team of specialists at Assault Boardriding Centre help you; we'll use your budget, skill level, water goals, and other factors in choosing the right motorized water accessory for your needs. 

For all your surf foiling requirements, let our experts be your guide. It's not easy to choose among all the available options for the water, and our goal is to help you make being on the water a thrill every time. Contact us today for all your foil wind wings and see how we can help.


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