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Understanding Surf Foiling

Are you intrigued by the thrilling world of foiling? Recently, foiling has been gaining popularity worldwide. In surf foiling, the surface you stand on, the board, is entirely above the water. The foil elevates the board by a full foot or more. Surf foilers often say it seems like they're soaring through the water. It’s no wonder it has now become one of New Zealand's most popular water sports. However, foiling requires the proper setup from the outset.

With so many options, choosing the ideal foil for you can be overwhelming. That is why the guidance of New Zealand's seasoned foiling experts is invaluable. To help you out, here’s everything you need to know when looking to add Foil to your surfboard:

What Is the Main Role of Foil in Surfboarding?

When it comes to water sports like foiling, each component of your gear is crucial. The foil you choose will have a direct effect on your New Zealand foiling experience. A proper foil contributes to a seamless ride, facilitating a smooth connection between your foiling surfboard and the captivating waves of New Zealand. On the other hand, the wrong foil will make the surfboard feel cumbersome and unstable, making manoeuvring and surfing a challenge. 

One of the main functions of foil is to generate lift and enhance board stability. The type of foil you choose will also determine the elevation of your foiling ride. We have an extensive range of foils available. However, the best one for you depends on your foiling experience, waves, surfboard, and many other factors.

How Can You Choose the Right Foil for You?

Given the multitude of foil options on the New Zealand market, it's imperative to select the one that best suits your needs. For example, different foiling styles require different foil designs. New Zealand riders who are into wing foiling should choose foils with a larger wing. These will give better lift and stability. Foils with smaller wings, on the other hand, offer more control and manoeuvrability. When it comes to foil materials, carbon fibre is lighter and more responsive. 

Your level of experience in foiling will also play a critical role in choosing the suitable foil. Beginners with no or little experience need larger foils for higher stability. More experienced New Zealand riders might prefer smaller foils, which offer higher manoeuvrability and speed.

Where Can I Find Quality Foils and Expert Foiling Guidance in New Zealand?

At Assault Boardriding, our New Zealand team is highly experienced in foiling. We not only stock new and used equipment from the best brands in the world, but we also offer exceptional customer service. Our New Zealand foiling experts will also gladly guide you in choosing the right setup. We also offer foiling lessons that will help you learn quickly and safely.

Get your foiling adventure started the right way. Contact us or visit our New Zealand showroom today!


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