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Exploring Foiling in New Zealand: Your Complete Guide With Assault Boardriding

Although it is a relatively new sport, Wing foiling has been taking New Zealand coasts by storm. The thrilling feeling of lifting and gliding above water has people of all ages hooked. That is why people have been sending us all kinds of questions about Wing foiling in New Zealand. 

To help you on your Wing foiling journey in New Zealand, here is a complete guide:

How Does Foiling Work?

In New Zealand, foiling is often described as 'flying above water.' Rather than delving into the technical intricacies, the essence of Wing foiling is straightforward.  The Wing is a sail that moves you, board and foil forward, the foils wings generate lift, raising the board above the water. Similar to how an aeroplane moves forward at take off and its wings generate lift and the plane flies. 

The bigger the Wing (sail) and the stronger the wind, the faster you go, the higher the lift. Other factors like your weight and the size and design of the board and the foil affect the lift. This is why you need the advice of New Zealand foiling experts when choosing your equipment.

What Gear Is Needed for Foiling?

To get started with Wing foiling, you'll typically need four main items: a wing ,a foiling board, a foil, and some safety gear. 

It's important to note that Wing foiling is only one of the foiling disciplines. You have the options to SUP foil, Surf foil, & Tow foil. In the New Zealand market, you'll find a wide variety of these foiling products. Foils, in particular, come in a range of designs and sizes, each tailored to specific foiling disciplines and offering unique performance benefits. 

Foiling board options in New Zealand are no different. Trying to find the right foiling board for you can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. That is why it is highly advisable to get expert guidance before investing in your first foiling equipment. In general, foiling is not a dangerous sport. However, safety always comes first. So, don’t forget to wear a helmet and vest, especially at the beginning of your New Zealand foiling adventure.

What Are the Best Places for Foiling in New Zealand?

One of the best things about foiling is that you do not need strong wind to Wing Foil or big waves for SUP & Surf foiling. For Tow foiling you just need access to a boat or Jetski and some flat water.

Foiling makes the most average wind and waves conditions a ton of fun. With that in mind, you will find many great spots in New Zealand perfect for foiling. For example, Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand, has countless beaches and bays great for foiling. Lake Pupuke on the Northshore is one very popular  destination for Wing foiling in New Zealand.

How Do I Start My Foiling Journey?

It is advisable to take foiling instruction. At Assault Boardriding Centre (ABC), we offer Wing Foil & Kite Foil Instruction programmes in Mt Maunganui and Tauranga, New Zealand. Our experienced, highly qualified foiling instructors can fast-track your learning. 

With Wing foiling and Tow foiling no previous experience is needed. Any experience you do have with other water sports will give you a solid head start . 

For Kite, SUP and Surf foiling you will need to have some good skills at these sports if you want to foil.

We have special equipment for foiling instruction. As a mobile foiling school, we can teach you at the ideal beach location and choose the best weather and tide conditions. 

We  have an extensive range of new, new specials, used, and demo foiling equipment. Our New Zealand foiling experts will gladly guide you in finding the most suitable equipment for your needs. 

Take a flight on New Zealand’s beautiful water. Contact our foiling experts today!


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