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KULIM PARK // Matua, Tauranga


  • Suitable wind range NW (cross shore from the left) through to ESE.
  • NW and NE can be great
  • Ideal for foiling near high tide.
  • N winds are quite consistent, but can be patchy at times due to the wind coming over Mount Maunganui. 
  • E winds can be awesome, and generally are quite consistent. 
  • The port is upwind on ESE winds, which causes the wind to be a bit patchy.


  • Water conditions range from small chop to very choppy. It depends on the tidal/wind direction, and tide heights, i.e. low tide generally makes smoother water conditions.
  • The harbour bed at Kulim Park is mostly firm and sandy, with lots of cockle shells, a few random rocks and some soft weedy patches. We suggest booties if you are learning or going to spend a lot of time walking.


  • Works good on any tide. There’s always some water in the channel. 
  • Ideal conditions are when tidal flow opposes wind flow, i.e. incoming tide in NW, outgoing tide in E-ESE. 
  • N and NE aren’t affected by the tide flow too much.


  • There is a grassy area with enough room to park and set up on. 
  • When launching and landing keep your kite low to the ground, and if possible always get someone else to help you with launching and landing.
  • CAUTION: The launching/landing area is surrounded by rock walls, with a Yacht Club shed and boat ramp at the front of the area. Also there is a series of rock groins extending out approx 50m perpendicular to the shore on the left, watch out for these obstacles.


  • Elements Windsurfing and Sailing school operates from this location. Please be courteous to all others on the water enjoying the spot. If they are busy with a lot of students on the water please stay well clear. 
  • If Kulim Park is too busy, try heading down the beach to the right (in a SE direction) along Beach Road. It is quite similar to Kulim Park.
  • There are some rocks lying around on the sea bed, but generally it’s pretty good. 
  • Watch out for the Stingrays.

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