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  • Suitable wind range WNW (cross-shore from the left), through to ESE (cross shore from the right).
  • On any given day it could be average to epic at Papamoa Domain. Generally it depends on the time of year. Generally N is the sea-breeze direction, these winds are usually very light (8-12knots), however sometimes the sea-breeze can blow through stronger depending on the weather system.
  • Often the sea breeze is 2-3 knots stronger in Papamoa than at Tay Street. 
  • Winter winds from the Northerly quarter often come with rain. 
  • ESE winds are generally stronger during the morning, and can drop off by lunchtime.


  • Papamoa Domain is a great spot for riding in waves, from small onshore slop to large down the line walls, depending on the swell size, wind direction and tide heights. 
  • Papamoa Domain is also a great spot for freestyle with lots of wave kickers. 
  • The sea bed is a sandy bottom.
  • In strong side to side-onshore wind and swell conditions there can be a strong current running along the beach. This current is generally more inshore.


  • Works on any tide. 
  • Wave conditions do get better in some tides; this depends on swell size and tide height.


  • All setup, launching and landing needs to be done on the beach. 
  • If possible always get someone else to help you with launching and landing. 
  • It is a safe place to launch, ride and land with very few obstacles.


  • Papamoa Domain is a very popular location in the summer, and in good weather all throughout the year. The beach and water can get very busy with surfers, swimmers and beach users, so please be considerate and stay well away from anyone in the water. 
  • If it looks too busy PLEASE DO NOT USE PAPAMOA DOMAIN as a kiting location. You can kite anywhere along the coast from Tay Street to Maketu (if conditions suit), with many isolated locations along the way. 
  • We recommend heading left or right down the beach as there are generally less people there. Remember, we all want to keep our spots in the Bay open for Kiteboarding.
  • In light winds down-winders to or from any location along the coast can be awesome fun.

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