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AIRUSH 2018 Lithium Progression




The Lithium Progression construction features an amazing number of features while still living up to its name of simplicity, durability, and performance. The Lithium Progression kite features the industry standard, Teijin T9600 Single Rip Stop Canopy, which is extremely resistant to UV, stretching and the abuse that kiters deliver on a daily basis.


  • V2.1 Bridle System offers a functional and stable setup when working together with the Delta Hybrid Design. This combination gives the most amount of wind range while riding and makes relaunching extremely fast.
  • Multi-strut in inflation system with 9mm Inflate Valves. This multi-strut in inflation system allows for easy maintenance and repairs, especially in scenarios where the kites are used extensively.

COLOUR: Teal Lime

6m: $957
8m: $1,080
9m: $1,133
10m: $1,185
12m: $1,276
14m: $1,385
17m: $1,518

SKU: 10011 TAG: Kites | All-round

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