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OZONE 2018 Uno V2




The Uno V2 trainer kite is responsive, fun, smooth and stable. Each size provides enough power to ensure beginners can easily progress to the next level.

The Uno V2 is ideal for your first lessons on land, if you are with a accompanied by a competent adult kiter or instructor. Learn all the basics of flying an inflatable kite and how to use the release systems while using a small sized kite with less power. 

This kite is also ideal for lighter weight riders under 45kg for riding on the water.


  • Perfect start into Kitesurfing.
  • Responsive, smooth and stable.
  • Unique robust one strut design.
  • Huge depower and easy control.
  • Ideal for lightweight riders for riding on the water.

2.5m: $628
4.0m: $805
6.0m: $1,015

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