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OZONE Enduro V2




The Enduro V2 is a mid aspect ratio kite combined with Ozone's market leading three stage Variable Bridle Geometry offering outstanding performance across a wide range of disciplines - freeriding, freestyle and wave riding. 

It incorporates an Open-C shape, semi swept Leading Edge and square wing-tip design, which results in a large de-power range, amazing progressive handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves.

The V2 design features the new strut construction that provides enhanced support to the canopy and improves stability at low angles of attack. 

The Leading Edge is now tapered at the tip, which helps to reduce tip bounce. Together, the result is a much smoother ride and a more solid bar feeling in strong and gusty conditions.


  • The ultimate all-round, do-it-all inflatable kite.
  • Freeride, Wave, and Freestyle settings.
  • Versatile Open-C design – any style, any conditions.
  • Performance kite for intermediate to advanced riders.


  • 4m // $1,692 (Awaiting stock)
  • 5m // $1,838 (Awaiting stock)
  • 6m // $1,887 (Awaiting stock)
  • 7m // $2,066
  • 8m // $2,180 (Awaiting stock)
  • 9m // $2,197
  • 10m // $2,246 (Awaiting stock)
  • 11m // $2,278 (Awaiting stock)
  • 12m // $2,425
  • 14m // $2,588 (Awaiting stock)

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