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OZONE Hyperlink V1



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The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, it brings together the performance of a foil with the feeling of an inflatable. One kite to cover almost every aspect of Kiting! Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers.

With an innovative valve design it can be ridden on the water, snow and land safely, as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite. 

The Hyperlink is simple and user friendly, the mid aspect ratio and minimal bridle plan makes taking the jump from inflatable to foil kite easy!


  • The most versatile foil kite on the market.
  • 4-Line and 5-Line modes.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Innovative Valve Design - Closed Cell or Open Cell.
  • Unparalleled level of stability, handling and bar feeling.
  • Dynamic and as much fun to ride as a performance inflatable.

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