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NAISH 2018 Thrust KS 1 Foil




Developed by the Naish team, the Thrust KS 1 Foil is fast and stable. The kite-specific flat main wing planes up quickly for smooth take-offs, and situates itself naturally in the water for a balanced ride.

The long fuselage adds more stability, and Naish’s unique stabilizer adjustment system allows the entire set up to be optimally tuned for individual riders. 


  • Medium Aspect Flat Foil - Fast, stable and smooth launch.
  • Adjustable stabilizer allows wing to be perfectly tuned for a wide range of rider weights.
  • Integrated Rudder Foil increases directional stability and better turning.
  • Construction: Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 Mast and Fuselage, 316 Stainless Steel Hardware and fibreglass composite wings.

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