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FOIL MOUNT 3M Adhesive Foil Mounting System




The FoilMount is a universal hydrofoil mounting system, this means that you can put a hydrofoil track on just about any board you already have.  

The FoilMount uses a specially designed 3M adhesive tape to stick to the bottom of your board.  It will accommodate any foil that uses the 90mm track system (this is industry standard). It's an easy way to fix a broken track system. It is also great for retrofitting boards with through bolt holes to give them the adjustability of a sliding track system. 

The standard mount is a flat plate that can be installed on any flat board surface. It's suitable for most SUP boards, hydrofoil boards, Skim boards, Surfboards.

The FoilMount can be removed but cannot be reused. It is very easy to install, just prep the surface with alcohol, peel the tape backing, and stick!

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