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OZONE 2018 C4 V6




The C4 is well known for its explosive pop and drop, boosting huge airs and massive kite loops. it meets top-level wakestyle and freestyle riders needs, while maintaining ease of use and control in all conditions.

  • Smooth predictable pull when hitting featuresC Kite performance and feel.
  • 4-Line bridled de-power.
  • 5-Line conversion option.
  • Wakestyle/Freestyle and Freeride modes.
  • Explosive pop and drop for unhooked moves.
  • Progressive forward-driving kite loops.
  • Smooth predictable pull when hitting features.

7m / $2,039.00
9m / $2,209.00
11m / $2,339.00
14m / $2,529.00

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