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NORTH 2015 Dice 9m


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A favorite with the magazines and riders alike, everybody loved the playful nature of the 2015 North Dice. 

The low end of the kite has been improved this year; by opening up the profile the kite now generates more power in lighter winds. This open profile has also added more stability at the top end of the kites range too. 

It’s still great in the waves with the impressive drifting capabilities, but it is perfect for freeriding and freestyle as well. To ensure it excites the freestylers and freeriders out there we have made the kite more aggressive for improved lift and jumping characteristics. 

Of course the impeccable handling and maneuverability are still there, the Dice is exceedingly precise and responds to rider input immediately offering unrivalled feel at the bar. There is no need to take a gamble on the Dice; it’s quite simply one of the best kites on the market right now, perfect however you like to ride!

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