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NORTH 2015 Vegas 9m


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The Vegas is a kite that needs no introduction, for years it has set the pinnacle of freestyle riding, powering the world’s best riders to the top of their game. Over the years it has evolved, and it is now much more than just a freestyle kite. Different tuning options allow you to set the kite up for wakestyle and freeride options, as well of course, as freestyle.

It has the best pop in the North range, offering extreme height in jumps and powered tricks. The unique feature of the kite is the power delay, after the pop the kite has no power allowing the rider to perform their trick without the kite pulling. Kiteloops on the Vegas are precise and reliable, the kite powers through the loop with plenty of speed.

It’s probably the best kite on the market for the rider looking for the freestyle advantage and is used by the entire North Kiteboarding Freestyle Team on the PKRA and in other events around the world. Still, in addition to this, some riders choose the Vegas as their freeride kite, enjoying the lively nature and responsiveness offered.

If you want the most uncompromising high performance and dynamic kite on the market, choose the Vegas.


  • Size: 9m
  • Colour: Green/Purple.
  • Includes: Kite, bag, repair kit.
  • Loaded 5th line.
  • high depower C-kite.
  • Most direct kite in the NKB 2015 line.
  • Best unhooked performance.
  • Aggressive lift.
  • Responsive power delay.

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