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STARBOARD 2018 Lima - Fixed Length SUP Paddle





  • Fixed length paddle.
  • Sizes: XL, L, M
  • Includes Carbon shaft S35 for XL size.
  • Includes Carbon shaft S40 for M and L sizes.
  • The direct catch and ability to redirect automatically is what makes Starboard's world champion race team choose the Lima paddle.
  • You can paddle harder with less attention to your strokes - it's the highest performing paddle in the Starboard range, adding a touch of magic to each stroke.
  • The Lima is the evolution of the Bolt.
  • Easier catch. The rounder tip makes the catch even easier and more precise, reducing the impact on your shoulder.

Available only in Carbon Balsa. The new long grain balsa core is the new revolution. An organic solution with no compromise compared to standard petroleum based PVC. The structure of the balsa long grain is made of long fibers that acts like millions of tiny stringers going all along the core.They load the energy during the stroke and release it at the end. One more detail that will make you faster on the water.

Size M

Blade length: 54 cm
Blade width: 16.3 cm
Area: 485 cm2
Total length: 226 cm

Size L

Blade length: 54 cm
Blade width: 18 cm
Area: 531 cm2
Total length: 226 cm

Size XL
Blade length: 55 cm
Blade width: 19.6 cm
Area: 588 cm2
Total length: 227 cm

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