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NAISH 2018 Hover Soft Top Foil Board 130




Naish’s new surf foilboards give you a piece of the endless summer by harnessing the power of the ocean. The Hover Soft Top provides a near limitless ride that is fully customisable to rider preference with a quick tune of the adjustable stabilizer. 

Built for super smooth carving and forgiving planing, this board generates the lift you need to get going quickly while maintaining a solid sweet spot for stability while carving, gliding and pumping above the water’s surface.


  • Ideal foil board for kite foiling, SUP foiling or surf foiling.
  • Size 5'6".
  • Soft Top Deck and Rail Construction.
  • CNC Shaped EPS Core.
  • Carbon Bamboo-reinforced Foil Mount Section.
  • Carbon Wood Patch Foil Mount Bottom Support.
  • Board colour: Blue

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