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NORTH 2011 Wam - Directional Surf Kiteboard


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  • Tighter turns and a snappy top turn.
  • Fast, handles speed, turns easily.
  • High performance all-rounder.
  • Tri/quad fin setup.


  • 6'0 x 18.25" x 2.06"

A high performance all-rounder, the WAM is suited to nearly all conditions from small onshore mush to powerful beach and reef breaks. 

The WAMs ability to adapt to nearly all conditions makes it the perfect travel board or the perfect one-board-quiver. Super smooth and lively under your feet, the slightly fuller outline, semi-boxy rails and pulled in thumb tail carry lots of speed when the waves are small yet still provide hold and drive when you need it most in bigger surf. 

The tri/quad fin configuration gives you the option of riding the WAM in quad fin mode for a more skatey and snappy feeling ideal for smaller waves or in thruster mode for more drive and more positive back foot drive in bigger surf.

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