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AIRUSH 2017 Compact - Directional Surf Kiteboard


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  • Flytech 
  • Colour: Blue / Orange


  • 5’8″ x 18.25″ x 2.25″ 24L

The Compact has a stepped hip area to maintain width further forwards and has more curve in the nose area to help the board to “hook” around towards the end of the top turn as you bury the rail of the board

The width on 5’8 Compact is comparable to the 5’11 Converse in the mid-point but the Compact has a slightly narrower tail. The narrower tail helps control in higher wind or at higher speed.
The narrower tail can also be buried more easily in the top turn, which also compensates for the flatter tail rocker.

SKU: 12008 TAG: Kite Boards | Wave/Surf

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