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AIRUSH 2016 Cypher - Directional Surf Kiteboard


Sale $1,424.00 $996.80



  • Great upwind performance.
  • Colour: blue/orange.
  • Flytec technology.


  • 5'4" x 19.5" x 25L - was $1424.00 / NOW $996.80
  • 5'6" x 20" x 28L - was $1465.00 / NOW $1025.50

The cypher remains the onshore riders board of choice and has been completely redesigned for 2016. The focus has been on combining maximum manoeuvrability on the wave face with maximum drive for upwind ability and early planning.

The reduced relative length is offset by a significant increase in nose width, creating a more parallel outline for increased stability.The square tail maintains a parallel outline, for drive and stability, while reducing area in the tail for more grip and drive off the top. From onshore slop to light wind performance, the Cypher ticks all the boxes.

The Flytech construction comprises of a lightweight EPS core with a sandwich hi-density standing area, for an excellent combination of strength and lightweight. Due to the lightweight core, the Flytech construction makes use of additional layers of glass fiber, resulting in an extremely durable outside skin making it ideal for everyday riding.

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