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AIRUSH 2013 Monaro V5 - Directional Freeride Kiteboard


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  • Includes pads straps and fins
  • Epoxy carbon construction
  • Colour: black / red / white

Designed for the hardcore racer that won’t accept anything less than the fastest board around the course. The Monaro V5 is the result of ongoing development by Rolf van der Vlugt and Katja Roose, to develop the ultimate race weapon for the Airush pro team.

The Monaro V5 has had several changes in tail width, an new rocker and updated rail shape with a focuse of increased upwind and lightwind performance. The stability and control under high speeds have been enhance through a V Bottom Shape and updated fins and strap positioning making for comfortable yet performance oriented focus.

A revamp in construction has allowed the Monaro V5 to become even lighter than before featuring a high pressure sandwich construction.

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