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AIRUSH 2016 Livewire - Twin Tip Kiteboard


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  • 135cm x 40cm 
  • 138cm x 41cm


  • Includes pads, straps and fins
  • Epoxy / wood construction
  • Colour: red / wood

Utilizing the same shape as the groundbreaking Livewire Team, the Reefer Collection Introduces a heavy-duty sintered base and bombproof layup to create a board ideal for Park, Sliders and general abuse.

When compared to the 2015 Livewire, the 2016 Model receives a subtle makeover. It has more refined tips for increased tip flex along with increased hip cutout in the center section, creating an improved ride with smooth and instant response. This response is focused on the perfect “load and pop” optimised by the triaxial Glass layup and Carbon Torsion Control.

The aggressive shape with the dual rocker and deep channel tip make the Livewire ideal for riders who prefer to ride more powered. With the stiffest layup for huge powered moves and a higher rocker, it is the ride of choice for Alex Pastor in any park style session.

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