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FCS Coil Section Leash



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An innovative 10' SUP leash by FCS that is a hybrid of a coil and a straight leash.

One quarter of the leash is coiled and the rest is a straight leash. This FCS premium SUP leash delivers exceptional performance for surf and flat water paddling. This unique leash combines a traditional length of straight urethane cord with an expandable coil section to effectively reduce drag while maintaining exceptional strength and freedom of movement on the board.

The coil serves several purposes. Most importantly, it keeps the leash from dragging behind your SUP, which reduces drag and also minimizes the amount of kelp and water debris that your leash catches. The coil also acts as a shock absorber when your massive stand up paddle board is getting drug thru the waves behind you. Add to that the fact that a shorter lease makes for less tangling, and you've got a marked improvement upon the traditional surfboard leash that is ideally suited for stand up paddle boarding enthusiasts.

Other notable features of this FCS SUP surfing leash include an extended overmold on the ankle attachment point that keeps the coil away from your feet and prevents tangling. As with all FCS surfing leashes, an engineered polyurethane cord provides the ultimate combination of strength, stretch, and elasticity. This beefy leash is designed for 2 foot to 10 foot waves.


  • 10'
  • 9' Calf

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