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MYSTIC 2013 Code 01 Womens Waist Harness


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Mystic introduces the most revolutionary harness ever made. Using BOA Technology you can adjust your back support by spinning the wheel.

As easy as that, you can make it as stiff as necessary and avoid back problems, as well as make it super comfortable and fitted to your body.

HP Leash system, knife (integrated with the Clicker 3.0, 2012, spreader bar) and killer new looks.
Being a brand that does not know the meaning of the word “follow”, Mystic have once again taken another huge step forward in the harness market. Introducing the new Mystic Code 1, a revolution in back support whilst you are out on the water. Mystic have teamed up with BOA to create a harness that you can change the feel of whilst out on the water. For more support and to really dial in the harness for the ultimate mega loop then simply twist the BOA and ramp up the tension in the back support. Or for a nice chilled coast into the beach simply pop the button and the tension drops for a comfy flexi ride in. BOA has changed so many product in so many industries, whether its boots in wakeboarding, gloves for skiing or helmets for biking, BOA always work with the best in the business and they have chosen their kite brand to work with, they have chosen Mystic, and they have produced together .. the 2012 Mystic Code 01 waist harness.

BOA Technology:

The Boa System allows you to fine tune your fit and rely on it staying tight throughout your time in your harness. The Boa lace does not stretch.

Constructed from many interwoven, braided stainless steel laces, it has zero stretch. Simply stated, once you fine tune your fit, you can rely on the laces maintaining that specific closure. The Boa reel cannot and will not loosen or come untied. Internal ratchet arms engage with specially shaped gear teeth designed to keep the lace in place. No amount of force applied during your activity will overcome this mechanism, allowing you to set the lace tension and know the closure will stay exactly like you dialed it in.

The Boa reel is designed with a patented, field-proven mechanism to ensure that the reel stays closed during use. Only when you finishes your kiting and actively pull out the dial, will the system release. This provides the user with excellent reliability and security.

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