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F-ONE 2020 Rocket Surf V2



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Foil Mount

Created exclusively for foil surfing, the F-ONE Rocket Surf line gather all the shape features that will help getting the most out of the foil.


  • Foil exclusive surf boards
  • Easy take-off and maximum freedom in flight
  • Equipped with Track System & Tuttle box

Once in the air, shorter board length translates directly into more freedom and possibilities.

Yet, enough volume is required to ensure the boards are accessible and facilitate the take-off.

The Rockets therefore pack as much volume as decently possible into minimum board length. The result is a range of compact boards dispatched as follow: 4’2 (26.5l.) – 5’0 (35.5l.) – 5’8 (41l.) – 6’4 (52l.)

There is a size for everyone and every level from the pocket size 4’2 intended for experts to foil with maximum freedom, to the 6’4 that boasts volume and width suitable for learning.

Parallel rails and flatter rocker line in the center of the board make up for an easy and early take off. A distinctive kick in the rocker towards the tail helps with release and pumping.

The outline is kept wide on the nose to keep these short boards user friendly.

All boards are fitted with a both a US track system and a tuttle box to accommodate any foil with a tuttle head or a 4-bolt top plate.They are built with a light and tough bamboo sandwich laminate around a lightweight EPS core, thereby achieving a great resistance to weight ratio. The boards come with a tail pad, while a front pad is included as an accessory which can be fitted on or not depending on personal preferences.


  • 4'2 x 19'' - $1,499
  • 5'0 x 19.5" - $1,499
  • 5'8 x 21" - $1,599
  • 6'4 x 21.5'' - $1,599


Volume:  26.5L

Dimensions: 128×48.5 cm

Fin Box(es): 2 x US tracks + Tuttle Box

Volume:  35.5L
Dimensions: 154.5 × 49.5 cm
Fin Box(es): 2 x US tracks + Tuttle Box


Volume:  41L
Dimensions: 174 × 51 cm
Fin Box(es): 2 x US tracks + Tuttle Box

6'4 x 21.5'' SPECIFICATION

Volume:  52L

Dimensions: 195×54.5 cm

Fin Box(es): 2 x US tracks + Tuttle Box

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