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RED PADDLE 2018/19 Ride - Inflatable SUP Package

Red Paddle


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Package includes:

  • Red Paddle 2018/19 Ride Inflatable SUP - 10% OFF ++
  • Red Paddle 2020 Carbon 50 Nylon Adjustable 3Pcs SUP Paddle (FREE)
  • PBNZ 10' SUP Leash (FREE)

The Ride is a great all around stand-up paddle board, made to glide smoothly over flat water yet has just enough rocker to comfortably and predictably handle some surf. The boards’ 4.7″ thickness makes it stiff while not affecting performance. With cargo tie down on the front, this board has all the storage needed for your epic day trips. The 10’8 version caters for the larger individual without sacrificing the smooth, predicatable glide and maneuverability.

Lightweight but strong

MSL fusion composite and airtight coating, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand glueing errors. The high-tech industrial process saves almost 2kg in weight whilst making the boards stiffer at lower pressures. With Red Paddle Co's third generation of MSL material now in use, Red Paddle Co's boards are more durable than ever!

Titan - the king of pumps

When you unpack your Red Paddle Co board for the first time, inside you'll find the lightweight Titan pump. It's the world's best SUP pump and was created by Red Paddle Co's expert engineers to make inflating your board a cinch. The secret is in the dual-chamber system and high-flow handle, which pumps air into your board at up to 60mph, ensuring it inflates to the recommended pressure level while using less of your energy.

Bag it up

Red Paddle Co's Red Original All Terrain Backpack is a perfect travel partner for paddleboarders everywhere. Enhanced for 2018, it's now more comfortable to carry thanks to improved straps (which are also easier to stow), while the red detailing adds a stylish, contemporary feel.

Add your accessories

The 10'6'' Ride comes fitted with a special fixing that is compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts products, enabling you to securely attach a mobile phone, action camera, your paddle when you're taking a dip, or even a fishing rod.


  • 9'8'' x 31'' 193L
  • 10'6'' x 32'' 240L
  • 10'6'' x 32'' SE 240L
  • 10'8'' x 34'' 296L

Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board for every circumstance and also for heavier riders for surfing.

  • Length: 9'8"
  • Width: 31"
  • Thickness: 3.93"
  • Volume: 193 litres
  • Rider Weight up to 95kgs/265lbs

10'6" RIDE MSL
A swiss Army knife board - it can be used by almost any rider for any purpose.

  • Length: 10'6"
  • Width: 32"
  • Thickness: 4.7"
  • Volume: 240 litres
  • Rider Weight up to 100kgs/265lbs

It’s our 10th birthday in 2018, so we’re marking the occasion with an addition to our Ride family – this Special Edition (SE) has all the same great features as our award winning 10’6″ Ride MSL, but comes in a specially created colour scheme.

10'8" RIDE MSL
Versatile SUP suited better for bigger riders and great for taking passengers.

  • Length: 10'8"
  • Width: 34"
  • Thickness: 4.7"
  • Volume: 296 litres
  • Rider Weight up to 120kgs/265lbs

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