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AIRUSH 2019 Mini-Monster Kite Foil Package



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Take your first steps toward foiling on this incredibly versatile kite package! Package includes:

  • AIRUSH 2019 Mini Monster Convert V2
  • AIRUSH 2019 Carving Foil
  • Package price includes massive discount! (RRP $3,479!)

BOARD: AIRUSH 2019 Mini Monster Convert V2


  • Compact high-volume surf shape for onshore surf or flat water.
  • Parallel tail outline for stability and upwind performance.
  • Convertible option with low drag foil insert and footstrap inserts.
  • Fins and traction pads included.
  • Custom epoxy construction

Combining aspects of Airush´s classic freeride directionals with aspects of a surf-style fish, the Mini Monster is the perfect board for smaller waves or flat-water blasting. The Mini Monster Convert features the unique Airush low drag foil insert.
The fuller nose combined with the parallel tail section maintain stability at speed and create acceleration on or off the wave. The channel tail maintains the fast rocker on the rail while increasing the relative rocker in the tail.

The volume is well distributed between the tail and center towards the nose section of the board while maintaining a performance rail, resulting in extremely early planing and sub-planing performance, with incredible turning and carving abilities.  

The Mini Monster Convert can be kitted with surf-style or carving fin sets, depending on local conditions and individual requirements. The Convert option can be fitted with a standard foil plate system (90 x 165mm plate). The unique stainless-steel inserts create minimal drag when the board is not being used in foil configuration, while still enabling a simple mounting process for foil use.

SIZE: 5’6″ x 20″  33.5L

FOIL: AIRUSH 2019 Carving Foil


  • Ideal for lower speed riding, carving and learning.
  • Larger wing for lift and intermediate standard mast length.
  • Kite rear X-Wing configuration for stability or maneuverability.

Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced carving. The Airush Carving Foil set features our high stability, 1050cm2 carving front wing, and 70cm Mast as standard.

The larger wing provides lift at lower speed while the intermediate mast length creates a very stable platform for the entry-level rider or advanced rider looking for more maneuver oriented riding.

The unique design of the rear X-Wing highlights its benefits in this configuration where the standard “tips up” configuration creates a very stable platform or can be inverted “tips down“ to increase maneuverability and turn your foil into a carving machine.

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