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SOLAREZ Microlite Epoxy Ding Repair UV Filler



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Epoxy Microlite now gives you the option of repairing those larger dings in your Epoxy Surfboard or SUP. This product works well and is compatible with all EPS or Polyurethane Cores. It is UV Cure and like all of the Solarez products can be catalyzed if necessary. This new product dries white and and glossy. It is easy to sand and dries quickly. 


  • (1) Apply in the shade. 
  • (2) For easier shaping and faster curing, cover the wet resin with a sheet of clear plastic wrap (Mylar is best). You can easily shape the resin to the contour of the board. 
  • (3) Expose to sunlight for at least 3 minutes 
  • (4) Peel off plastic wrap and touch-up sand. 


  • Recommended for dings less than 1/4" deep
  • Recommended for use with EPS Core boards

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