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CURVE Travelracks Soft Racks



World’s Smallest Softracks!

The ‘mini-me’ of Lockdown racks, we've made the Curve travelracks - surfboard soft racks - as small as possible to squeeze into your boardbag or luggage when traveling overseas. Losing your boards off the car or van roof is the last thing you want after getting them safely to the airport, but most rental cars don’t have fixed roofracks which means that plain tiedowns wont do the job. So we’ve built full softrack performance into a compact size by eliminating the bulky foam padding (seeing as your surfboards will be in protective boardbags anyway). With Curve travelracks you can relax knowing your boards can be safely secured via the lockdown system to almost any vehicle with a roof - without having to pay extra fees for carrying too much luggage!


  • worlds SMALLEST surfboard soft racks & SUP soft racks! 
  • compatible with 99% of New Zealand vehicles 
  • 'mini-me' style soft racks, without bulky foam, fit in the palm of your hand 
  • conveniently packed into a small pouch to take up minimal space in your luggage - perfect for air travel
  • single loop system eliminates surfboard movement
  • quick and easy to use with single tightening point
  • easy board access via top load hook
  • perfect for surfboards in boardbags
  • fit most vehicles with a roof
  • 3 connection methods: thru doors, loadbars or gutters/sills
  • quality plastic/zinc coated metal components
  • double rack capacity in a single rack: 1-6 shortboards, 1-3 longboards or 1-2 stand up paddle boards

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