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F-ONE 2020 Papenoo (Foil Ready)



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The PAPENOO range offers stability and maneuverability with the performance of a smaller board.


  • Compact outline to pivot
  • Reactive in the turns
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Foil ready

These boards integrate 4 M6 inserts on the hull to connect a foil with a top plate, so they are all “foil ready” without it increasing the weight too much or disrupts the ride.

With its short straight outline and its large tail, the PAPENOO accelerates quickly in the small to medium waves. It generates speed to pass the soft sections and then reengages to hit the shoulder of the wave as soon as it is redrawn.

The rocker line is tailored for this short shape which resulted in straighter lines to get the speed while manoeuvrability is provided by the reduced length.

The shape evolves in 2020 with the addition of a winger in the outline. This keeps the rails of the board fairly parallel in the central part offering a better planning / lift ratio and a better directional stability whilst paddling.The PAPENOO is extremely maneuverable thanks to its narrower rear which drags less water.

The new PAPENOO reacts super quickly, goes faster, the bottom turns are easier with a better projection up the wave and the top turns are also easier with a tail that reduces drag.

The BAMBOO DECK construction has been proven for many years of production and offers a weight to resistance ratio with great reliability. The deck features a layer of bamboo to provide a tough impact and crushing resistance while the many layers of reinforcement on the bottom ensures solid strength.


  • 7'7" x 29" 110L // $2,726
  • 7'11" x 30.5" 123L  // $2,726



  • Size: 7'7" x 29"
  • Volume:  110L
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Deck Inserts: GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug
  • Fin Boxes: Quattro + 4x M6 insert
  • Finset: Futures V2JC1 460+ QD2 400


  • Size: 7'11" x 30.5" 
  • Volume:  123L
  • Weight: 8.2kg
  • Deck Inserts: GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug
  • Fin Boxes: Quattro + 4x M6 insert
  • Finset: Futures V2JC1 460+ QD2 400

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