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AXIS Foil Wing Covers (Universal)




AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather grey, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage for your foil wings.

Full range of sizes available to fit any wing (universal):

  • S-Series 1150 Front Wing (1150mm x tbc)
  • S-Series 1020 Front Wing (1020mm x 250mm)
  • S-Series 1010 Front Wing (1010mm x 160mm)
  • S-Series 1000 Front Wing (1000mm x 160mm)
  • S-Series 920 Front Wing (920mm x 250mm)
  • S-Series 910 Front Wing (910mm x tbc)
  • S-Series 900 Front Wing (900mm x 160mm)
  • S-Series 860 Front Wing (860mm x tbc) 
  • S-Series 820 Front Wing (820mm x 223mm)
  • S-Series 760 Front Wing (760mm x 220mm)
  • S-Series 680 Front Wing (680mm x 200mm)
  • S-Series 660 Front Wing (660mm x 200mm)
  • K-Series 600 Front Wing (600mm x 175mm)
  • K-Series 545 Front Wing (545mm x 145mm)
  • 500 Rear Wing (500mm) 
  • 460 Rear Wing (460mm)
  • 440 Rear Wing (440mm) 
  • 400 Rear Wing (400mm)
  • 370 Rear Wing (370mm) 
  • 340 Rear Wing (340mm) 

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