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DR TUBA Kite Repair Kit

Dr Tuba


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Don't get caught out wherever you are! The Dr.Tub Kite Repair Kit comes compact and prepared for many problems your kitesurf kite might throw at you!

With the capability of repairing fabric tears on your kite of up to 1.5 meters whilst being equipped with the tools to tackle bladder punctures, the super compact Dr. Tuba Mini Repair Kit is the perfect back up plan and a must have contingency for any kiter who doesn't want to pay out for repairs, or another kite for that matter.  Comes in a great small travel case and is your insurance in case your kite gets damaged while you are on holiday or in the middle of an amazing session.  Sticky patches for repairing kite canopy and leading edge punctures along with bladder repair tape and the fibrefix and glue to repair large kite tears.

Whats included in the Kite Repair Kit:

  • 1x Roll adhesive dacron (1.5m x 50mm)
  • 1x Roll adhesive ripstop nylon (1.5m x 50mm)
  • 1x Roll FiberFIX (1.5m x 45mm)
  • Adhesive Bladder tape (0.6m x 50mm)
  • 1x High quality PU glue, transparent, UV stable and fast drying (50ml)
  • Glue brush
  • Gloves
  • 3x Valve repair circles
  • 10x Kite repair dots
  • Alcohol cleaning swabs
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors
  • 1x Plastic case to put it all in

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