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AXIS Foil Straps (Single / Double-V)

Airush / AK



The AXIS super flexible and strong foil straps, were designed from scratch specifically for foiling.

The rear strap is the AXIS single strap, made really strong and flexible. Flexibility is key on the straps so you can easily get out of them, in case of a hard fall. Flexibility is also important so you can still step on the straps if needed, during a tack or jibe. 

Our foil straps have 3 different mounting holes on each side, to facilitate perfect fit and comfort. Disclaimer from our design team: Our foil straps might not look as bling as your favorite sneakers, but they are the best on the market in terms of quality, design and attention to functional detail).


  • Single
  • Double (V-Shape)

Note: Includes Strap,Washers & Screws ( Self Tape Pan Head 12G Pozi  )

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