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The FreeWing shares the power of kiting, SUP and windsurfing in a single flight experience. In collaboration with the design team of Airush and Starboard, The FreeWings merges the innovation and ideology of the different sports in revolutionary designs with refined performance.

Thanks to the development between Thailand, Bali, Tarifa, Cape Town and Maui, we have been able to optimize the performance of this wing in light and strong winds, to better adapt to your local conditions.

This versatile wing, very easy to use, super light. and is incredibly stable when it comes to luffing or being in a neutral position, which makes it ideal for downwinds and freeriding.

We have focused on reducing arm pressure and comfort when driving for long periods of time. the long innovative handles that allow you to have supreme control of the wing and make micro trims at high speed. Emphasis was also placed on key performance in larger sizes for lighter wind conditions. 

Ideal for all levels, from beginners to experts. the high visibility window provides security on crowded spots.


  • High stability for all types of users.
  • Innovative control for easy handling. Optimal pressure for long, painless sessions for the arms.
  • The length allows maximum control of the wings without having to release your hands to vary the position.
  • The hardness and robustness offer a fully ergonomic grip which facilitates handling.
  • Weight. Despite the above features, these grips are much lighter than an ordinary wing.


  • 2.0m // $1,380
  • 3.0m // $1,396
  • 4.0m // $1,418
  • 5.0m // $1,562
  • 6.0m // $1,644
  • 7.0m // $1,727


  • Navy & Lime
  • Teal
  • Orange

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