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MANERA 2020 Exo Harness


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The EXO harness has been developed to optimize load distribution and thus prevent the rider from having misplaced pressure points.  This is why we worked with a human kinetic science lab to help us on this project.

Their scientific approach and knowledge of human morphology enabled us to create a harness providing a level of comfort that was previously nonexistent.


  • STIFFNESS - 60%
  • LIGHTNESS - 90%
  • DURABILITY - 95%


  • Energy Dispersion Frame - The EDF is a hexagonal structure with varying degrees of thickness. It is directly connected to the spreader bar through the straps and buckles so it receives 100% of the kite traction. Thanks to its shape and structure, the pressure is spread over a much wider area of the back.
  • Ballistic nylon - This material is made out of thick nylon threads assembled in a very tight way, it offers outstanding abrasion resistance and extreme durability.
  • Single Foam - The new EXO uses a single thermoform mould to make a one-piece foam backing. It absorbs far less water and is much lighter than the multiple foam layups used in some harnesses.
  • Tuck flap - By stiffening the connection between the harness and the buckle, they prevent it from riding up.

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