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OZONE Trainer kites flying lines (GO V1 and Ignition)



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Ozone Ignition Trainer line sets made to be used with the Ozone Ignition 3-line trainer kite. These lines also perfect as replacement lines for any 3-line kite or trainer.

Made from the highest quality Dyneema, Ozone lines are super durable, woven with a tight, square braid, and treated with a special heating process to make the lines highly resistant to abrasion, water absorption, and stretching.

Stretch resistance increases the performance and direct handling of the kite's power and is a crucial consideration when choosing your lines.

To "lock" the line, all our line sets are sleeved, stitched and then uniquely re-stretched to 60% of the breaking strain at our factory. Because our lines are fully stretched before you get them, you won't need to adjust or re-stretch them after your first outing.Amazingly flexible, lightweight, and durable. The E-bomb boot is designed to be the ultimate in lightweight flexibility for maximum performance.

Line Strength:

  • 100kg - Recommneded for Ignition kite sizes 1.6m & 2m
  • 200kg - Recommended for Ignition kite sizes 2.5m & 3m

GO Flying lines:

2x 10m 200Kg lines

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