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Using a refined design to achieve higher finesse, the Phantom foils glide faster and for longer. Connecting waves whether during surfing or downwinding thereby becomes much easier and more fun. Yet, connecting waves isn’t much fun if you can’t turn and this is why carving is also part of the DNA of the Phantom foils. By working on the lift distribution, arch shape and other details we achieved a high-aspect, performance foil that can carve smooth curves on the waves and swells.

Built using the Monobloc construction with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and really strong. This set-up offers better load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The Titan connection allows to plug both an aluminium or carbon mast and the fuselage is split in two parts to facilitate transportation.

The Phantom wings are recommended with the C275 Surf stab. This stabilizer offers better glide and a looser feel. It’s the ideal match for the speed and glide of the Phantom wings. The looser feel will help turning these higher aspect wings and provide an awesome surfing experience.

This package includes everything you'll need to get ripping! (apart from the board!):

  • Phantom Front wing (size of your choice - see information below)
  • Fuselage Tail (See details below)
  • Tail wing (See details below)
  • Mast (size & construction of your choice - see information below)
  • Mast Foot (for aluminuim masts)
  • Base plate (for aluminium masts, contact us for tuttle option) 
  • Bolt set & tools (complete)


The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing.


The Phantom 840 is intended for an elite looking for high speed and extreme maneuverability. Like the other Phantom foils in the range, it is very versatile and can be used wingfoiling in winds above 20 knots and foil surfing in 1m + waves.


  • Area: 840 cm²
  • Span: 74 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.5
  • Recommended rear wing: C250 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Extra-Extra-Short (XXS)


The Phantom 940 is a concentrate of speed that allows radical carves and a surprisingly efficient pumping. It is aimed at an experienced and demanding rider, its potential is to be exploited in wing or in waves >1m.


  • Area: 940 cm²
  • Span: 78 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.5 
  • Recommended rear wing: C275 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Extra-Short (XS)


The Phantom 1080 is a remarkably efficient foil that remains accessible despite its small surface area. It is surprisingly easy to use, but reveals incredible performance in speed, carving and pumping when needed.


  • Area: 1080 cm²
  • Span: 80 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.9
  • Recommended rear wing: C275 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Short (S)


The Phantom 1280 provides a versatile program similar to the 1480, but with a bit more power: It carves better, goes faster, and is used in more powerful waves. It is also suitable for lighter riders (<70kg).


  • Area: 1280 cm²
  • Span: 870 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.9
  • Recommended rear wing: C275 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Short (S)


The Phantom 1480 combines efficiency and accessibility. Its lift allows you to glide endlessly while having fun thanks to its incredible maneuverability. It is an ultra versatile kite: surfing in waves <1m50, downwind, wing, dock starts, wake foil… It does everything, and well.


  • Area: 1480 cm²
  • Span : 960 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.2
  • Recommended rear wing: C275 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Short (S)


The Phantom 1780 offers the highest lift of the range. It allows a very versatile program similar to the 1480, but more adapted to heavier riders (>85kg), or SUPs.


  • Area: 1780 cm²
  • Span: 1070 cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.4
  • Recommended rear wing: C275 Surf
  • Recommended fuselage: Short (S)


The Fuselage Tail Carbon are an essential complement to the F-ONE Monobloc carbon wings. It connects with the front wing behind the TITAN mast slot in an area where the loads are reduced. Still, the shape of the connection is inspired from the TITAN design and offers a very robust and stiff assembly. At the back, the cradle for the stabilizer is designed with the right angle to make the front wing fly with ease and efficiency. The Fuselage Tail Carbon are built in pre-preg carbon with a foam core to keep their weight extremely light. Some solidly anchored brass inserts are used for all fastenings.


  • More maneuverability
  • More responsiveness
  • Ultralight carbon construction
  • Recommended with Phantom Carbon 1080 / 1280 / 1480 / 1780
  • Length: 37 cm


  • Even more Maneuverability!
  • Even more Responsiveness!
  • Ultralight carbon construction
  • Recommended with Phantom Carbon  940 / 1080 / 1280
  • Length: 32 cm


  • Best maneuverability!!
  • Best responsiveness!!
  • Ultralight carbon construction
  • Recommended with Phantom Carbon 840
  • Length: 30 cm

Note: Recommended fuselage will be supplied (refer to front wing details). If you would like to specify a different fuselge length please contact us to arrange.


Built in Pre-Preg Carbon and designed to be securely mounted on F-ONE fuselages, its profile and angle of incidence were tuned to achieve a very intuitive balance.


  • C275 SURF - see below.
  • C250 SURF - see below.
  • C220 SURF - details coming soon.

Note: Recommended rear wing will be supplied (refer to front wing details). If you would like to specify a different rear wing please contact us to arrange.



  • Efficient pumping
  • Sharp turns
  • Loose-feeling

The C275 SURF stab is specifically designed for carving and pumping. Its flatter arch shape delivers high efficiency while pumping in order to connect more waves. Its shape and smaller area ensure sharp turns and more speed with a very loose feeling, closer to that of a shortboard. It is a high-performance stab that suits the Phantom range.


The surface and shape of the Stab C250 have been thought to best deploy the power and ability of the Phantom Carbon 840. Sharp and precise, it allows you to gain speed. Connecting waves has never been easier.


  • Loose-feeling and maneuverability
  • Efficient pumping
  • Speed turns


The F-ONE aluminium mast can be used for all disciplines, kite, surf, stand up paddle and windsurf. The profile is extruded with precision from 6063 aluminium block. The shape of its section benefits from our years of experience in kitefoiling to provide the best gliding feel while keeping the strength up and the weight down. It comes with two stainless steel helicoil inserts at the bottom and at the top to fasten the connecting parts and is therefore fully modular. 

The aluminium mast can be used on every foil of the range and it is very easy to jump from one length to another.  A number of parts are available for board connection (Plate, KF, Deep KF, Tuttle).

SIZES: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, 95cm


A true masterpiece of composite craftmanship and design, the F-ONE Carbon Mast was designed to transform your foiling experience by a significant improvement of the glide and a dramatic weight reduction matched with impressive rigidity.

The design target was to enhance the thrills of foiling, and we believe foiling is always better when your foil glides better, when your foil is easier to drive and when it reacts better to your demands, even at the highest speeds. This is what you will experience when using the F-ONE carbon mast on your existing F-ONE foil or on a new one.

Available in 75 cm, 85 cm and 105 cm, the F-ONE Carbon Mast is ready for all disciplines: surf, wing, kite, SUP. It features a 4-bolt plate at the top (hole spacing: 160×90mm) and an integrated Titan mast foot at the bottom. It can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the twin track system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the TITAN connection slot.

All components are molded together or bonded in factory to ensure the best rigidity throughout. The mast, therefore, comes as a one-piece object, built-in carbon pre-preg with a hollow structure which is molded and cured in one-shot. The numerous layers of carbon are laminated one by one to our exacting demands regarding fiber weight and orientation to achieve the rigidity needed, both in bending and torsion, to keep full control in all situations and at high speeds.

A carbon mast is a superior bit of kit. We think it needs to look great and deliver a superior and flawless behavior on the water. This is what we’ve achieved with the F-ONE Carbon Mast.

SIZES: 75cm, 85cm, 95cm, 105cm

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