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NAISH 2021 'Create Your Own' S25 Jet HA Surf Foil Complete



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Front Wing
Mast Length

This Package Includes:

  • Jet HA Front Wing (HA 1240, HA 1400 or HA 1800)
  • Jet HA Rear Wing (Stabilizer HA 280 or HA 310)
  • Surf Fuselage 64cm (One size)
  • Mast (choose your length. note the plate is moulded with the mast)
  • Foil Assembly Screw Set + Mounting Screw Set + Torx Tool

Special Offer: Buy any complete foil from us and recieve 10% off any additional front wing!! Perfect for multi sports enthusiasts! Contact us to arrange.

Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer and downwind foiling. These wings feature high aspect ratio planforms and proprietary thin section profiles – the result is maximum glide, excellent pumping, and improved top speed while still maintaining the excellent turning and control that defines the Jet range. To compliment the high-end performance of these new wings the complete foils feature a new highaspect stabilizer as well that emphasize pumping ability and glide. Designed with a thinner profile and higher aspect ratio, they support the higher speed of the HA front wings while giving excellent response to rider input.

To make the S25 complete foil Naish’s best yet, each component has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on making them ultra-lightweight and strong. The mast is a new design that is 25% lighter while improving bending resistance and torsional strength. The mast features a new bonding system to the board mount as well as the fuselage connection resulting in a sealed and more direct board connection system.

Check out the Naish S25 Jet Foil Guide for more info.


  • Front Wing = Optimized glide & improved top speed
  • Stabilizer = High-speed stability & responsive pumping
  • Mast = 25% lighter, stiffer and offers more control at any speed
  • Chopped Carbon/UD Carbon Fiber Wing/Stabilizer = 25% lighter than previous years
  • Standard Plate Bonded with Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum 95 cm Mast = Solid board connection + sealed mast
  • Updated Aircraft Grade Aluminum Jet/ Kite 64 cm Fuselage = Lighter for S25 with stainless steel Helicoil M6 thread inserts
  • 5 x 20 mm Torx head Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects wings to fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 3 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects mast to fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 4 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws and 4 x M6 Tab (Connects Standard Plate to Board) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • Naish Torx Driver = Custom T30 Driver provided for easy foil assembly
  • Padded Carry Case = Protect your foil while storing + slots for additional wings
  • EVA Wing & Stabilizer Covers = Wing protection when not in use

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