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MANERA Exo 2.0 Harness





  • STIFFNESS - 80%
  • LIGHTNESS - 95%
  • DURABILITY - 90%


It is difficult to improve a harness like the EXO, but the development of the ECLIPSE has taught us a lot and we have used this experience to redesign our star harness. We applied Adaptive Shell Technology to the EXO model to provide better support, reduced weight and increased durability.

Thanks to a stiffer center area, the EXO 2.0 perfectly supports the back. However, it allows greater freedom of movement thanks to its different levels of rigidity, especially its flexible outline.

The soft part of the EXO 2.0 is built in one “Single foam”. The single foam doesn’t absorb any water, so the harness stays light and comfy once in use.


  • Adaptive shell - The Adaptive Shell stiffness shades from hard in the center area to softer on the edges. The stiff center-belt prevents the harness from folding and compressing your body while preserving a good lumbar support.
  • Single foam - The EXO 2.0 uses a single thermoform mould to make a one-piece foam backing. It absorbs far less water and is much lighter than the multiple foam layups used in some harnesses.
  • Tuck flap - By stiffening the connection between the harness and the buckle, they prevent it from riding up.

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