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STARBOARD 2021 Wedge - Starlite



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The all-new Wedge line upgrades the previous range of Wide Point boards. These boards have a pro performance and feel without compromising stability or volume. All boards are 32’’ wide to provide float and stability for heavier riders to rip.

This is a versatile range for big to small conditions, best suited for beginner and intermediate riders.


Makes it easier to rotate turns, tighter in the critical section of the wave, and makes it lighter to throw around through high-performance manoeuvres.


Helps get into waves easily and early.


Thinner rails on the 8’7” and 9’2” gives the Wedge its pro level performance with faster surfing speeds, better grip, and turning capabilities. The thinner rails are inspired by the much loved Longboard range for the ultra-responsive and reactive feel.


Produces greater drive.


Generates lift, drive and speed as it channels the water from nose to tail, through to double concave for sensitive rail to rail turning from the midpoint, through to vee tail for reactive pivot turning on the tail.


The Wedge has a new rounded pin tail to maximize the turning ability in these wider models. The new pin tail makes it easier to engage and sink the tail for faster bottom turns and top turns with more drive. Rounded tail also gives the board a better drive out of the turns.


Thruster fin set up provides comfortable straight line tracking on flat and gives drive and control in surf.
8’7″ features both thruster and quad. Quad fin set up uses 4 side fins and gives fast acceleration and instant down the line speed as it does not have a drag from the larger centre fin.


  • 8’7″ x 32″ 143L // $2,469

Shorter, stable and sensitive. The thinner rails make the board respond and feel like a narrower board, sharing a similar characteristic to the much loved Airborn and Longboard ranges. The 8’7” really is the stable high-performance shortboard for those that want to rip yet have enough to make sessions longer.

  • 9'2 x 32'' 160L // $2,469

A favorite in the testing and development, it turned heads with its control and responsiveness. The 9’2” is so much more responsive to turn as the thinner rails require less foot pressure to initiate turns. Ultra reactive and sensitive.

  • 10'2 x 32'' 183L // $2,489

Fast, reactive, and controlled; the stable surfing all-rounder. A great option for those wanting the glide for cruising, solid stability from the width, and improved surfing performance with the new shape upgrades.

  • 11'2 x 32'' 198L // $2,589

An extra stable ride with easy glide for longer distance paddles and early entry into waves. Widely accessible for riders up to 115kg wanting a stable board to learn with progression in smaller surf.

Note: Includes Fins

Rail Tape: We highly recommend installing rail tape on your SUP board to avoid unnecessary dings and scratches from general handling, transporting or misplaced paddle strokes. With every SUP hardboard purchase, we offer discounted rail tape at only $80 (valued at $122.00).

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