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STARBOARD 2021 Wide Ride Whopper - ASAP



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The wave-ripper for real-world riders. This surf paddle board is Floaty, fun, and the king of catching waves. You’ll make any kind of mush highly surf-able with this shape.

Wide Ride has a size for all rider weight and abilities; the bigger models produce the easiest glide and stability, while the smaller sizes deliver more control and manoeuvrability.


  • SHORTER NOSE OUTLINE - Makes it easier to pivot turn and fit in the critical section of the wave without catching the nose.
  • THINNER RAILS - Increases the responsiveness and ease to engage rail-to-rail turns with less effort.
  • NOSE KICK - Prevents the nose from diving when getting into waves and paddling in choppy water.


  • FLAT ROCKER in the center provides efficient glide and speed on flats.
  • MODERATE TAIL KICK allows for tighter turning when standing back on the tail.
  • MONO TO DOUBLE CONCAVE BOTTOM Provides speed to catch the wave and then has sensitive rail-to-rail turning from the midpoint.
  • FLAT STANDING AREA Allows to have a wider stance for extra stability in chop.
  • WIDE ROUNDED TAIL Improves stability when stepping on the board to turn. It also gives release out of turns.
  • CHANNEL TAIL Makes it easier to carry speed and hold through maneuverers.
  • SIDE FIN BOXES Are positioned closer to the rail for quicker response in turns. Minimal change yet a big improvement.
  • FIN SET UP Thruster fin set up provides comfortable straight-line tracking on flat and gives drive and control in surf


  • Impact-resistant high-density EVA wrapping the whole rail from nose to tail.
  • Multiple layers of high-grade fiberglass are wetted out in epoxy resin wrapping the hull.
  • Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity.
  • Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail and nose reinforcements.


  • 9'5 x 33'' 166L // $1,969

The shorter length gives greater maneuverability with easier turning in the surf

  • 10' x 34'' 174L // $1,969

This is a highly popular and stable paddle board that surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

Note: Includes Fins (Thruster 2+1)

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