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Front Wing
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The AXIS Foils S-Series is one of the best performers on the market today. The engineering, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength of the design, are a strong contender with any other surf/sup/downwind/pump/wake/wind/kite foil on the market. The S-Series front wings, rear wings and components are interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. The modularity of the design, stiffness of each component and overall engineering make the AXIS S-Series the ultimate foil for any style of riding.

Package includes:

  • Front Wing (Choose your size) - includes cover
  • Rear Wing (Recommended size provided, see details below) - includes cover
  • S-Series Fuselage (Let us know your preference - we will provide standard length unless told otherwise)
  • Mast (Choose your length)
  • Base plate & Mast Adaptor (contact us for tuttle adaptor)
  • Screw set & Tools


  • 1020mm (wingspan) carbon wing is ideal for small bumps and heavier riders. Also, great for dock starts and pumping, stable and super easy to ride. Recommended rear wing: 440mm.
  • 920mm (wingspan) carbon wing is the allround workhorse in our wing collection. Great for small to medium size bumps, stable and super easy to ride. Recommended rear wing: 440mm.
  • 820mm (wingspan) carbon wing is a bit faster and a bit surfier than its larger siblings. Great for medium+ size bumps, fast downwinders, and all round performance riding. Recommended rear wing: 400mm.
  • 750mm (wingspan) carbon wing is a great wing for larger size bumps where agility and quick side to side carving is desired, as well as lighter riders.Recommended rear wing: 400mm.
  • 680mm (wingspan) carbon wing is too small for SUP but an incredible SURF and kite wing. Fast and high performing for SURF, while slower and powdery feeling for KITE. Recommended rear wing: 370mm.


Note: Recommended rear wings provided in each case depending on you chosen front wing (refer to notes above). Any rear wing available on request, please contact us.

  • 500mm (wingspan) carbon rear wing, is super stable and easy to ride. We recommend for entry level or heavier riders
  • 460mm HA (wingspan) Carbon for high speed and loose turning (advanced) 
  • 440mm (wingspan) carbon rear wing, is our allround choice for any discipline and conditions. Loose enough to make your session interesting, while stable enough for pumping and pushing through.
  • 420mm HA (wingspan) carbon for the ultimate performance (speed and turning - intermediate +). One of our favorite rear wings for fast riding and carving. 
  • 400mm (wingspan) carbon rear wing, for even looser riding and quick carves and turns.
  • 390mm (wingspan) carbon for Wing and Surf with good turning control and additional glide 
  • 370mm (wingspan) carbon for loose feel and fast turning, with less stability.
  • 340mm (wingspan) carbon for even looser feel and even less drag and more speed. (advanced)

FUSELAGE (S-Series):

Incredibly strong connection to any size wings to create a very direct feel from your feet to the front wing, which is the most important part of surf foiling.

  • Standard (765mm) - Most stable (recommended for beginners)
  • Short (680mm) - Balance of stability / manoeuvrability 
  • Ulta-Short (625mm) - Most turning capability / least stable (advanced)
  •  Contact us if you prefer Short or Ultra-Short


  • 45cm (Contact us) - The 45cm foil mast is ideal for your first flights, while you are learning how to start to foil. Most riders spend only a few hours or less on the shortest foil mast we make (45cm) before they graduate to the longer foil masts.
  • 60cm - The 60cm mast is the most common mast that you will start putting hours on. You will ride it for a while before you move up to a taller mast, when you SUP, Surf, Downwind, Wake or Kite. Some riders might never need a taller mast, depending on their style, local conditions or discipline or riding. 
  • 68cm - The 68cm is the most common foil mast length for prone surf foiling and all round SUP.  If there is one size mast for SUP, prone surf, or wake foiling, the 68cm mast will be your choice. 
  • 75cm - The 75cm mast is mostly used on bigger surf, downwinders and more advanced riding with the S-Series foil, or as a surfy option for the K-Series foil (Kite Foiling)
  • 82cm - 82cm - Perfect for higher performance riding on Surf, tow-in, Wake, Pump, SUP, Wing or Kite. 
  • 90cm - The 90cm mast is the choice of big wave enthusiasts and tow-ins, when combined with the S-Series 680 front wing. It's also the choice of downwinder pros when competing in open ocean swell. The AXIS 90cm mast is the main size mast for wind foilers and kite foilers (K-Series), when they reach they are are not beginners any longer. 
  • 105cm (Contact us) - The 105cm mast is mostly used for big swell downwinders with the S-Series foil, or for more aggressive riding and speed with the K-Series foil (Kite Foiling)

Note: The standard mast width is 19mm, however all masts / foils are available with 16mm masts for a balance of weight / flex. Contact us for more details.

Note: Please allow some additional delivery time with these products, as they are specialist.

Advice: Our team are passionate, experienced boardriders. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share and we encourage you to ask for our advice and guidance. 

Delivery: We offer discounted shipping to New Zealand (North and South Island). Quotes provided at checkout.

Returns: Our mission is to ensure you are supplied with products that are suitable for their intended purpose. We will always do our best to accommodate genuine returns / exchanges, please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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