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AK 2022 'Create Your Own' Plasma Surf Foil Complete

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The high-aspect Plasma series is perfect for pump, glide, and higher speeds.

This package includes everything you'll need to get ripping! (apart from the board!):

  • Pasma Front wing (see size options / information below)
  • Rear Wing wing - (recommended size provided - see information below)
  • Mast (size / construction of your choice - see information below)
  • Fuselage (Stealth V3 - see information below)
  • Base plate (Alu Masts only)
  • Bolt set & tools
  • Carry Case

NOTE: For individual Foil Components purchase: see tab "FOIL COMPONENTS" on home page


Chasing the fastest ocean swells or pumping with infinite glide, the AK Plasma Foil Series was developed with key athletes such as the Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, to deliver an extremely high-performance ride, without compromise.

Available Sizes:

  • Plasma 1000 (recommeded rear wing: 260 Arc)
  • Plasma 1300 (recommeded rear wing: 260 Arc)
  • Plasma 1600 (recommeded rear wing: 300 Arc)


The 260 – 300 arc down rear wings are ideal for highly efficient pumping, high speed, and pivoting turns.

The rear wing allows the trim angle to be quickly adjusted to compensate for the lift requirements for different rider levels, personal preference, and when using different wing configurations.

Note: Recommneded rear wing will be provided (refer to notes above). Please contact us if a different size is required.


The 61cm fuselage (short length) offers high maneuverability and more efficient pumping, with its shorter cadence, compared to the 71cm fuselage.

The unique Stealth Fuselage absolutely minimizes drag while maximizing stiffness, while the flow dynamics minimize any oscillation you would find in a round fuselage, resulting in increased stability.

Note: Longer 71cm fuselage available on request. Please contact us to arrange.


There is no golden rule to chose your mast length. It is key to understand that the longer the mast length the more difficult it is to maintain stability, and the more extreme your wipeouts will be. It is our recommendation that whatever your sport, you start on a short or medium mast length i.e. 60/70cm. 

In surfing, longer mast lengths are designed to allow extra pumping room and allow more maneuverability through turns. Whereas for kiting, a longer mast length will allow a greater upwind angle without the wing coming out of the water (advanced riding). It will also allow the kiter to maintain a steady heading through larger ocean chop / waves.

Aluminium Masts:

  • Alu 60cm
  • Alu 70cm
  • Alu 80cm
  • Alu 90cm

Carbon Masts:

  • Carbon 70cm
  • Carbon 80cm
  • Carbon 90cm
  • Carbon 105cm

Note: Base plate is molded as part of the carbon masts (1 peice). 0 Degree base plate provided by default. 1.5 Degree base plate also available (special for kite foiling). Please contact us to arrange.

Advice: Our team are passionate, experienced boardriders. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share and we encourage you to ask for our advice and guidance. 

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Returns: Our mission is to ensure you are supplied with products that are suitable for their intended purpose. We will always do our best to accommodate genuine returns / exchanges, please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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