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// SUP SCHOOL - Learn Stand Up Paddling in Tauranga

SUP: Stand up paddling is a sport that you can learn very easily. For those that have a reasonable level of fitness, balance and previous experience in boardriding sports, a few basic tips and guidance from our instructors is all that is needed to get you experiencing the unique feeling of standing and paddling on the water. For the not so fit and inexperienced, an hour or two of instruction and practice will have you confidently stand up paddling.

People of all ages and gender can enjoy the invigorating feeling of stand up paddling; getting out on rivers, lakes, estuaries, harbours and the ocean.

We will have you SUPing confidently and safely, after taking our instruction program and 2 to 4 practice sessions. We have special equipment for instruction, to fast track the learning process. Because we are mobile we can teach you at the ideal location, weather conditions permitting.

Once you are independent you have the option to continue renting our school equipment on a casual basis, purchase your own equipment or ask about our "rent to buy" option.


Master the correct paddling techniques for better riding, or learn how to surf the waves on your SUP. We provide individual or group lessons.



Lesson structure and overview of what you'll be learning with our experienced board riding instructors.


View our SUP School pricing for lessons and hire gear which you can use towards our "rent to buy" option.


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