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KITE SURFING SCHOOL - Learn Kitesurfing in Tauranga

Kiteboarding - it's exciting, awesome fun, and encompasses many aspects of board riding sports such as windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding. Whether you are into busting huge aerial moves, ripping in waves, pulling technical tricks or just cruising; Kiteboarding offers it all.

Is Kite Surfing / Boarding Safe?

Kiteboarding is safe and easy to learn with correct instruction and equipment. Assault Boardriding Centre (ABC) has been teaching kiteboarding lessons since 2003 and we provide specialist school equipment to fast track your learning.

The ABC Kite School is mobile - look for the Black Bus. We're always at beach when and where the wind and tides are best, to maximise all opportunities. 

Kiteboarding is a great action sport for individuals, families and couples to enjoy together. Whether you're as young as 8 or over 50, into similar sports or just want to get in to something new, we can ensure you learn the safe and easy way. 


Fast track your kiteboarding experience with our specialist Kite School programme.

It ensures most people are up and riding after only FOUR instruction sessions!


Lesson structure and overview of what you'll be learning with our qualified kiteboard instructors.


View our Kite School pricing for lessons and hire gear which you can use towards our "rent to buy" option.


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